Kicks 4 Kids is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission to run youth soccer tournaments to benefit youth based charities.  The organization has been in existence since 2000.

The tournaments that Kicks 4 Kids host receive a great deal of positive feedback from participants for their quality and all have become very productive charitable endeavors. To this point, the organization has been able to donate over $328,618 to charities that provide or support youth programs.

In an effort to further the organization’s mission, we are constantly striving to expand.  We are open to a variety of options in adding to our list of annual events, including starting a new tournament from scratch with a promising site or supporting an existing tournament by taking over the management while maintaining a operational partnership with the host organization.  It is our goal to add a new event every 2 years.

There are a number of factors that we utilize when evaluating potential tournament locations, which, in our experience, play a vital role in the success of our tournaments.

These include:

  • Because Kicks 4 Kids is a federally approved non-profit, we must adhere to our mission.  As such, the profit generated after the cost of holding a high quality tournament must be donated to reputable charitable organizations that serves disadvantaged youth.  This does not include local or national youth soccer programs.  We believe that any identified charitable organizations should be based in the community which hosts the tournament.
  • We work closely with our host clubs as partners.  We do all the heavy lifting in promoting the tournament, securing the items, providing services needed to run a quality tournament, and managing the field of teams.  The host club typically helps with volunteers for the tournament weekend and coordinating field setup with Kicks 4 Kids. Additionally, the host club is generally able to generate significant funds for the club through the sale of t-shirts and/or concessions in lieu of the tournament contracting out with an outside for-profit vendor.
  • It is necessary to have a number of quality teams as centrally located as possible.  It is an additional bonus if there is some sort of ancillary attraction to help generate interest in attending the tournament (Hersheypark for the Hershey tournament and the University for the Penn State 8v8).

If your club or association has an interest in working with Kicks 4 Kids on an existing tournament or developing a new tournament with the goal of supporting a local youth-based charity(ies), please contact me at 866-596-9617 or

Jeff Steiner

Operations Manager
Kicks 4 Kids Charity Soccer Tournaments, Inc.