May 06

Hershey 2012 Pre-Registration Now Open!


The pre-registration for the 2012 Hershey Tournament is now open!  2012 marks a milestone for Kicks 4 Kids. We’ve expanded the registration process to provide a method for teams to pre-register. The pre-registration process will allow a representative to watch an informational video, and then submit the documents required to register the team to play in a Kicks 4 Kids tournament. Pre-Registration eliminates the need to check in the night or morning before a tournament. You do still have to pick up your tournament ball and MVP/Participation Medals. We hope this process allows for a better tournament experience. Please review the steps below to become familiar with the pre-registration process.

1. Watch the informational video
For the Hershey Invitational, the coach’s meeting has been a method to convey important tournament business, including information on tournament changes, MVP medals, participation medals, and sportsmanship scores. Since we are offering this session virtually, we have pared down the meeting down to include the essentials for a successful tournament. At the conclusion of the video below your internet browser will forward to the pre-registration page.


2. Pre-Registration Page
The pre-registration page allows a team representative to upload the team’s official stamped roster, player passes for all players participating in the tournament, and medical release forms for all players participating in the tournament. These items will have to be uploaded as three separate PDF documents. So, there will need to be 1) a one page PDF of the official stamped roster, 2) several pages of player cards copied and converted to a single PDF document and 3) all of the medical releases converted into a single PDF document.

We ask that you copy your official roster and put a dark line through the names of the players who are not attending the tournament before you make your PDF of your official roster.

The players not lined through and the players you list as your guest players will make up your tournament roster. This total should be equal or less than the maximum roster as stated in the tournament rules.

When these three PDFs and the rest of the information requested have been submitted the team’s information will be reviewed and the representative will be notified if pre-registration has been approved by Monday, June 4. If the documents have not been submitted or pre-registration has not been approved for a team, a representative for that team will need to register the team on Friday the 15th from 4 pm to 8 pm at the Hershey Lodge.

If you pre-register you may alter your roster after the May 28th deadline (for example, adding a guest player as long as you are still within tournament guidelines for guest players and roster size) by coming to the actual tournament registration and showing the player pass and medical release for any player you are adding to your tournament roster.

If you are unsure of how to create PDFs of these documents check out the links below. Due to a variety of equipment and software that can perform this function we cannot provide support or guidance other than the links below. There is a wealth of information on internet websites on these topics.

How to scan documents to PDF

How to combine multiple PDFs into one


3. Equipment Pick Up
If your team has successfully pre-registered the representative that submitted the pre-registration will receive an e-mail confirmation that will also have a voucher that will act as your receipt to pick up of the team’s soccer ball and MVP/participation medals between 4 pm and 8 pm on Friday, June 15 at the Hershey Lodge and Convention Center. Pre-ordered tournament t-shirts and late ordered Hersheypark Tickets will be available for pickup at this time and place, also.


If you have any questions at this point please email info@kicks4kids.org. If you are ready to proceed to the Virtual Coach’s Video please click the following link:

Proceed to the Virtual Coach’s Meeting